9 Great Wine Gift Ideas for Christmas

Wine Gifts and Christmas Tree

With Christmas around the corner, it is the right time to think about gifts for your friends and family. If your loved ones are wine lovers, a thoughtful wine gift will make them smile for sure. This article will discuss the best Christmas gifts for wine lovers to give you some ideas:


The Classic: Wine Gift Baskets

A wine gift basket is a classic gift. While it might not be individual enough for your closest friends and families, it is the right pick for colleagues, employees, or business partners. Many wine baskets come with cheese, crackers, olives, chocolates, or other delicacies to create a complete wine and food experience.

Wine Gift Basket

from: Winebasket.com
Italian Wine Gift Box

from: Winebasket.com
Cabernet Gift Basket

from: Winebasket.com

For Newbies: Wine Club Memberships

Not all wine lovers are wine experts, and some might not even know which type of wine they like best yet. Learning and trying new wines is a fun part of the journey. If you want to contribute to this journey of your wine-loving friends, sign them up for a wine club. As members, they will receive new wines regularly. And surely, they will find their favorite wines soon. Alternatively, get them a curated box of famous wines. If you are unsure which plan might be best, consider a gift card so they can pick themselves.

For Artisans: Wine Tool Boxes

The best bottle of wine is useless without the right tool to open it. While most people have a bottle opener, there is always the potential to ramp up their tool game. A personalized box with a corkscrew, a foil cutter, a bottle stopper, and other useful accessories is the right gift for every wine lover. And it’s even better when it comes with a bottle of wine included.

For Scientists: Wine Decanters

Wine experts know that the difference between a good wine and an extraordinary wine is only a bit of oxygen. A wine that is allowed to breathe releases all of its delicate aromas. Thus, every wine lover should have a decanter. And if your loved ones don’t own one yet, Christmas is an excellent opportunity to give them one.

For Explorers: Wine Tours & Courses

If tasting and reading about wine is not enough for your loved ones, why not surprise them with a guided wine experience? In most wine regions, you can book tours and tastings hosted by true experts. These events combine fantastic culinary highlights with profound learning experiences – just the right gift for wine lovers who like to train their taste buds and brains. And those who have safety concerns can enjoy virtual wine tours.

Napa Valley Wine Tour

from: Coravin.com
Remote Wine Courses

from: Coravin.com

For Travelers: Wine Bags & Wine Suitcases

Wine lovers like to bring a bottle (or a dozen) home from their trips. And not only for weekend wine tours but also for extended vacations, the right baggage for safe bottle transportation is essential. Wine totes, wine backpacks, and wine suitcases prevent shattering bottles. They also help protect precious wines from heat, sunlight, and other harmful conditions. So if your friends or family like traveling and wine, give them a wine bag for Christmas.

Bucket Cooler Bag

from: Wine.com
8-Bottle Suitcase

from: Coravin.com

For Home Bar Owners: Wine Wall Signs

Some wine lovers enjoy the luxury of their own wine-tasting room or home bar. And those who do certainly will value a unique piece of wine decor. A personalized wall sign made from a wine barrel is precisely that. Choose a design, add your loved ones’ names, and you can present them with a great individual wine gift that will for sure upgrade their home bar.

Personalized Cellar Sign

from: HomeWetBar.com
Custom Wooden Sign

from: HomeWetBar.com
Personalized Metal Plaque

from: HomeWetBar.com

For Scholars: Wine Maps

It is almost impossible to remember all of the world’s great wine regions. If your loved ones have a favorite wine country, consider gifting them a memory aid: a wine map. The detailed maps illustrate all the important wine appellations of a specific country (or, more granularly, a wine region). And they do not just look fantastic. They are also a great tool to explain to guests where their glasses’ content comes from.

For Collectors: Cork Holders

The best way to never forget a delicious wine is a souvenir. And what could make a better souvenir than the cork? Many wine lovers and restaurateurs collect the stoppers of the bottles they empty in big bowls or vases. But there are more elegant containers for collecting corks. Consider gifting your friends and family a personalized cork collector box they can put on their walls. Or, give them a wooden map of their favorite wine region (or their home state) with spaces for corks. Just like a puzzle, wine lovers can put corks in to complete the map.

Personalized Cork Box

from: HomeWetBar.com
Italy Wine Cork Map

from: HomeWetBar.com
California Wine Cork Map

from: HomeWetBar.com


Of course, Christmas is not primarily about gifts. But when getting together with family and friends, enjoying a delicious meal and a good glass of wine, a thoughtfully picked gift can be the icing on the cake. With the ideas from this article, you definitely have plenty of options to make your loved ones smile. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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